When one is faced with immediate danger and given the choice between something most likely extremely painful and death most people would choose the pain.

I am, on the other hand, not most people.

He was staring at me, waiting for my decision utterly calm and composed, as a mental clock ticked by slowly in my mind. It was loud, cruel; a movie-esque slowness that let you see everything around you in sharp clarity and accentuated the impending doom. It was not my most favorite feeling, because in movies, that is usually when someone important dies.

And at the moment, I wasn't sure if I was the heroine of the movie that can't seem to be killed or just an unfortunate innocent...ahem unlucky bystander.

"I can give you everything. I can give you the strength to overcome your every fear." He seemed suddenly closer to me than he was before. I took a step back, startled. "I can give you the mental fortitude to withstand the harshness of this world." Enkidu was behind me now and it made my eyes widen when I felt his breath on my ear, but I couldn't move now, I was frozen. "I can make sure that never again will a man hurt you." And, if at all possible, my eyes became even wider and my stomach dropped.

He knew.

In that moment I knew that this man, this thing, this…vampire, could see everything in my mind. All of my fears, my painful memories; the time when Steven threatened me and left ugly, glaring bruises around my wrist, the time I saw my aunt, her nose broken and her ribs red, swollen, and dotted with those splotches of green-yellow bruises because her husband had gotten drunk. And it made me so afraid. I was so frightened not only by the violence I had seen within my family, but the fact that he knew.

He knew everything.

Things that not even my friends knew.

My blood ran cold at the thought.

I didn't want to be afraid. Not now. Not ever. Never again. I turned my face to look at him as warm determination began heating my once frozen, frightened veins, building, escalading, to stare into those honey gold eyes that glowed ethereally with the power he contained. "Make me stronger." I whispered calm, cool, ready. Detached was a good word to describe it. Even as I felt, no heard, the uneven crunching of gravel under the feet of my pursuers coming through the bushes I could only hear the sound of the deafening ticking.

The sound of my own heart.

He smiled, that feral smile of a predator, and I finally saw the elongated canine teeth. Whoa. "I shall give you everything." His mouth touched mine for a moment, brief, and then his mouth was on my neck and I felt the fangs pierce the flesh of my sternocleidomastoid muscle. It was rather sad that I could think of the exact muscle in that moments. My last conscious thought was of an old saying my friends and I used to say while watching fight movies.

'Go for the jugular.'

(Revised for your enjoyment