Lucky Day II

- - -

I used to have a poem already called 'lucky day' which is why this is number two, in case any one of u are wondering. I remember Shazaam Red Onattopp loved it, maybe he'll like this one too......HINT! Jeez, Shazaam, review already if you're still around...And to the rest of you, I LOVED this poem, hopefully you'll like it too. Whatcha thinking?

- - -

I throw open my windows,

And I know straight away,

The Sun is shining, birds are singing,

And it's my lucky day.

A feeling bubbling in me,

Getting ready to explode,

Grab my clothes and car keys,

Off to explore the roads.

The coolest breeze flowing,

The gentlest rain falling,

A twinkle in my eyes,

For once, time is stalling.

Burdens disappear,

And I am clean and free,

If only for a moment,

I can be just me.

Zooming through the streets,

A silent echoe in my brain,

Sleepy skin glowing,

And there is no pain.

Just a feeling of serenity,

Leading me on my way,

Relaxed, I start to sing,

This is my lucky day...