The first voice spoke with mild excitement. "Look, it's doing something"
Then a response was heard. "It would appear that our 'friend' is waking up"
The first began to speak again. "Now we'll see"
"I keep telling you, there will be nothing to see!", the second voice interrupted. "He'll be perfectly fine, I'm sure"
"You don't know that.", the first pointed out.
To which came the reply: "How could there be? I hardly hit him at all"
"But you phased him. There could be damage"
"It happens to people all the time, and then they're fine when they wake up!", came the never-ceasing protest of the second voice.
"That's true for our people. We don't know anything about theirs"
"So what? I'm telling you, he'll be fine"
The first speaker gave a soft sigh of frustration. It won't be too much longer before he's fully awake, and then we'll see if any damage was done. But you know that our employer will kill both of us if there is"
"That's doubtful. I mean, how important is the job anyway"
The first voice took on an even more strict tone. "You know that this mission is of full importance! Our employer wants an unchanged, unharmed specimen. If he's suffered any mental damage"
The second speaker interrupted once again. "Then it won't matter, because their intelligence capacity is already so far below ours anyway"
"We don't know that, either.", the first speaker contradicted. "The whole reason that we were given this mission was to determine whether any of the other species are capable or civilized enough to be our allies. And if the specimen has suffered any sort of damage, we'll need to turn this shuttle around and go all the way back to the third sphere"
"Relax, it'll be okay. Now let's stop arguing and go check on him"
The first speaker took a tone of sudden trepidation. "Wait. What's that"
"What?", his partner inquired.
"Look at that light on the control board. Isn't that the universal translator"
A gasp was heard. "You mean"
The first speaker finished the sentence. "The universal translator has been on this whole time"
"Why'd you turn it on?", the second asked angrily.
"I didn't turn it on, you fool! It must have been you"
"Me? I didn't do it"
A frantic yell now. "Well, somehow it's on, and the specimen has been hearing and understanding everything we've said"
"Time for a mind wipe.", the second speaker suggested.
"Shh!", the first interjected. "Don't say that! Don't say anything. Just turn off the translator before he hears more"
"I know, I was turning it off! I was just saying that now we'll need to mind wipe him, and bring him back to the third sphere"
"Well, now you've just told him everything we're doing! Great job! We'd better be getting paid a lot for this"
"Yes, but we're going to mind wipe him anyway, so if I told him"
The first speaker, his anger and frustration now at evident highs from his tone, let out an anxious yell. A click was heard, then a sort of mechanical beep, and nothing after that was understood to the listener. It was like a totally alien language.