Go away and let me be,

Ignore all my Masks you see,

Ignore this person I've become,

Ignore the Battle, yet begun

I don't want to know what

You want to tell me,

Cuz' it seems your more

Victim to insanity.

I really don't care what

You think any more,

I don't want to know what

They think of me.

I want to escape, to runaway,

And keep my depression, and rage at bay.

So take my hand, avoid all distractions,

Before our hands are cursed infraction.

I don't want to know what

You disapprove of,

I don't care who thinks what,

Or who has lost the glove.

I really don't know how to explain

This great change.

I don't think I can explain this stupid refrain.

So go away, and let me be.

Ignore all my masks you see.

Ignore this person Ive become,

But beware the battle, just begun.