Lagos slowly crept up to the house of the emperor knowing very well that the emperor was not there. He sat down outside the Tanzanian rulers hut and started to write a letter. The letter read:

Dear Chieftain,

Tonight I have decided you and your rulings do not belong here in Tanzania. We don't need you her in Dar es Salaam. Since this is my second note to you and you still have not left. I burnt your house to the ground.

Azibo Sambi

Just as he finished he lit the hut on fire with what appeared to be the torch he had been holding. Placing the letter under a small rock so it wouldn't fly away, or get caught in the fire, he ran.

Later that night Azibo and Lagos heard shouting and knocking at their door. Azibo being the older of the two brothers answered it only to see his father in the back being held bask by two men. His father was about in tears. The mob grabbed Azibo, and brought him to the emperor's house. They kicked the back of his knees causing him to fall over. In front of him was the still smoking remains of the emperor's hut. Also there was one small sheet of paper. One man picked the paper up and forced it into his hand. When he read it he sat in shock. Who really wrote this letter? Who was really responsible for all this? He could only think of one person. His own brother Lagos. Azibo being his father's heir would get everything. Lagos, as the younger brother wouldn't get anything if something were to happen to their father. If Azibo was killed, or perhaps banished for treason. Lagos would get everything. Yes, it was defiantly Lagos who did this!

They took him to the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. Once there they pushed him out of the boundries of the city. When he tried to come back they all turned their spears toward him and told him "you are banished. Don't ever return, or you won't see the light of day ever again."

Azibo stood in shock. It was completely silent. Eventually Azibo turned and walked out into the great unknown, at least for him anyway. After walking for what seemed like hours he came to a sudden stop as he stood face to face with a cheetah. This is my territory if you want to live speak your name. "Um, my name is Azibo," shaking at the thought of the cheetah. Azibo wanted to run but couldn't. Azibo finally understood that a cheetah was talking to him telepathically. Hello, my name is Ngomi, and you'r the first human who has managed to save his life. "Ok please stop talking to me, animals aren't supposed to talk to humans." Azibo was on the verge of insanity. No. You are my human companion, and visa versa. And when you are talking to me you can just think it. I can read your mind. "Whoah now! That's just not right! Where are we? Am I dead? I think I'm dead!" Your not dead. Your in Dodoma. And I can help with your banishment. "Really?" Yep, all I need from you is…hey where are you going? "I don't have time to help you." But what about you father? He's dying and you know it. All I want from you is my voice back. "What? How am I supposed to give you your voice back? Besides cheetah's don't have voices to begin with." I'm not a cheetah, I'm actually human. I was turned into a cheetah by some stupid sorcerer. "And I'm supposed to do…what?" Take this vile to the fountain in the center of the city. Fill the vile and then return here. As you can see I would never be aloud to enter the city. Ngoni lifted his paws as he spoke. "Fine I'll help you."

As Azibo walked into the city he looked at all the different corners of the city and saw it looked the same as Dar es Salaam. He walked up the fountain, took the cork off the top of the vile. As he started to place it in the water…nothing happened. He took the vile out put the cork back in, and walked away.

Ngoni saw Azibo and jumped up and down. You got it! No way! Thank you so much! "Yeah, Yeah, Here," Azibo popped the cork off and porred it into Ngoni's mouth. Suddenly Ngoni started changing. "Thank you." Ngoni said as he went into a deep bow. "Lets go get your life back."

"No, I want to stay here." Azibo said with a deep breath. " Are you sure?" Ngoni was quite confused.

"Yes, the love of my life is here in this very city." Both Ngoni and Azibo walked into the city together, both thinking of things to come.