Bloody Guardian

She lay on the bed, her long red hair spread out like a carpet around her as she stirred back to consciousness. Alice fully awoke, blinking, then she sat up on the bed, the smaller woman yawning softly as she looked around. She saw Heather standing by the window looking out over the city, the tall, pale woman nude in the moonlight.

Getting up Alice walked over to her side, for a moment silently taking in the view. "Come back to bed," she murmured, laying a hand on the taller woman's slightly cool back and caressing her softly, in a circle like one would calm a shy horse.

Heather turned to look at her with a slight smile, "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." Her black hair curled slightly, framing her face as she added, "I think I tired you out."

"Oh yes," Alice laughed softly.

The night before Heather had taken her to bed and positively ravaged her, the more experienced woman relentless in seeking her pleasure. She seemed to know all of a woman's special spots and took great enjoyment in exploring them. Alice had literally collapsed after several hours of pleasuring, nearly fainting in Heather's arms.

Alice snuggled closer to Heather's side, resting her cheek against her slightly cool chest as they both gazed out at the darkened city. "I'm still trying to process all you've told me about you," she admitted after a moment, her arm sliding around her waist.

Similarly Heather eased a arm around Alice, squeezing gently. "I know it's a lot to take in," she agreed. "Are you all right?" she asked.

"I suppose I'm just wondering why no one else notices," Alice chuckled. "Reclusive author who only comes out at night? It nearly screams vampire," she joked.

"It helps that I can manage going out in daylight, some," Heather admitted, "it's a talent I think it comes with being as old as I am. Other than that, people don't really look for vampires, Alice. It's really very easy to hide in plain sight."

"That's true," Alice admitted as she considered her own experience. She hadn't even considered the idea that Heather might be unusual until their third or fourth date.

Standing together comfortably they both watched the pre-dawn sky gradually shift from blue/black to a pinkish orange. The clouds shimmered off in the distance as the sun fully rose, lighting up them both in it's golden rays.

Heather squinted a bit but other than that remained unharmed by the light. "About the only real problem I have," she admitted as she reached over to the dresser for her sunglasses, "is that my eyes are still light sensitive."

Alice looked up as Heather covered her eyes with the shades and smiled comfortingly. "You're lucky you look good in shades," she teased.

Heather snorted as she said, "Gee, thanks."

Finally the two women moved away from the window, returning to the bed that they had so completely messed up during the previous night's erotic games. "Are you... going to sleep later?" Alice asked her delicately, unsure how much rest she needed.

Heather laughed softly. "I need a few hours out during the day," she admitted, "but before I do would you like to get breakfast?"

"Oh?" Alice raised a saucy eyebrow.

"Not that!" Heather laughed warmly. "I mean some breakfast for you," she explained, chuckling softly, "I had... plenty last night." She leaned forward as she added with a devilish purr, "And you were delicious, too."

Alice blushed furiously as Heather continued to chuckle kindly. "Then I guess we'd better get dressed," she said, finding her pink panties hanging on one of the bed posts then after looking around asking, "have you seen my bra?"

Heather looked up and snickered softly. Pointing upwards she said, "Looks like it's hanging from the ceiling fan."

"Could you get it down, please?" Alice asked wryly as she pulled her panties on, taking her time so that Heather could get a good look.

Not long after both women were dressed and somewhat decent in casual dresses as they left the city loft, walking close together to a small restaurant that Heather knew. The black haired woman seemed to know everyone in her neighborhood, nodding to others politely and smiling and waving to closer friends even as they talked.

"Have you liked here long?" Alice asked as they went into the restaurant, walking by people drinking coffee and talking, towards the main counter.

"About five years," Heather said, shrugging.

"Heather, hello," the grizzled older man smiled as they walked up. He bowed slightly towards Alice, "And who is this lovely lady?"

"Down, Simon," Heather laughed, "she's taken."

Simon laughed as he said with a charming smile, "Ah, but that's no reason not to stay in practice." He nodded to Heather as he said, "You'll be having coffee, as usual. And what will the lovely lady be having?"

"Scrambled eggs and toast?" Alice asked, smiling back helplessly. He wasn't quite as charming as he thought he was, but he was pretty funny.

"Hash browns, too," Simon grinned, "it's part of our breakfast platter. Grab a seat, we'll have your order ready in a few minutes."

Alice and Heather sat at a wall table, both of their dresses swirling slightly as they sat down. "Thanks for lending me a dress, by the way," Alice murmured to Heather, "my clubbing outfit wouldn't have looked good, here."

"The leather skirt and vest would have been very striking, though," Heather teased, winking at the younger woman.

Alice blushed, chuckling softly. "Have you worn anything like that?" she asked curiously, trying to imagine her in such a outfit.

"Oh, a few times," Heather admitted.

"Here we go," Simon said cheerfully as he set a very large cup of coffee in front of Heather and a big plate full of breakfast in front of Alice, "enjoy!"

"Wow," Alice blinked, looking at the heavy plate in mild shock. "Thank you!" she smiled up at him.

"Have a good one," Simon waved as he headed back up to the counter, smiling as he tried to charm a laughing blond who wasn't giving him the time of day.

"Does he always dish this much up?" Alice asked softly.

"Yup," Heather smirked, "I figured you needed the extra food for energy."

"You," Alice laughed as she poked her arm, "it's all your fault I'm tired out."

Alice ate, peering over her cup or fork as she watched Heather people watch. The writer had a casually observant style, taking in her surroundings without judgment. Her lips quirked in a smile or turned down a bit, but she mostly just sipped her coffee and watched.

"What?" Heather asked, seeing she was being watched.

"Do you always study your surroundings like this?" Alice asked curiously.

"Somewhat," Heather admitted as she took another drink, "some of it is a carry over from earlier times." Her eyes took on a far-away look as she mused, "At one time, if you weren't very aware of your surroundings you were dead."

"I see," Alice nodded thoughtfully.

"I guess soldiers go through the same thing," Heather added with a slightly lighter tone. "Maybe I should see if I can write something on that...."

"More coffee?" Simon asked as he swung by.

"We're good," Alice laughed, working on finishing her breakfast.

"Uhm," Heather fidgeted in her seat, looking surprisingly nervous for a semi-immortal vampire.

"Yes?" Alice looked at her in concern, leaning over towards her.

Heather puffed out a sigh. "There's something I want to give you...," she said a bit sheepishly, "I mean to give it to you earlier, but we got distracted."

Alice smirked, "I'll say."

Heather laughed softly as she took out a object from her pocket. The cameo choker gleamed beautifully in her hands, the sculpted face shimmering in the daylight. "I've had this a long time," she said as she passed it over, "but now I'd like you to have it."

"It's... beautiful," Alice breathed out, cradling the choker carefully as she admired it.

"I know it's not the current style," Heather apologized, "but...."

"No, it's lovely," Alice said, shaking her head. Passing the choker back she lifted her hair slightly, "Put it on me?"

Heather got up and went around behind Alice, nestling the choker at the base of Alice's throat. Carefully she drew it up then used the little hooks in the back to secure the lace. She backed away a bit then bent forward once more, this time kissing Alice on the lips.

"Whoo-hoo!" a young woman sitting at the breakfast bar cheered as others clapped.

"Thank you, thank you," Heather waved as she sat back down, "we're here all week!"

Alice was blushing as she chuckled and said, "I never expected you to do something so... spontaneous, Heather."

Heather purred, "I'm full of surprises." She smiled gently, "In fact, I'm hoping to give you plenty of chances to get to know me."

"Oh?" Alice asked, looking at her tenderly.

"Alice," Heather took her hands in hers, "Will you marry me?"

Alice's mouth dropped open, and she looked at heather in shock. Then tears glistened in her eyes as she cried, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

More cheers rang out in the coffee shop as they kissed again, Simon and the others watching in amusement. "Have you had many proposals here?" the girl at the counter asked him as the two women talked earnestly.

"Eh, every other week," Simon lied, chuckling.


Notes: Not the END end, as I plan to feature them over in The Daughters of Artemis, possibly. But the end of this story, for now. Assume a bit of courting went on in between chapters. Or something.