Hello? Mom? Are you there? It's me! Kelly! Mom! Don't let this happen! I don't want to lose you! Come on… stop playing! Why won't you stop acting? Mom! I survived it! Why can't you! I'm scared! Everything is happening so soon! Please Mom… Just say something! I'm your daughter, can't you remember? The accident was horrible! Mom… Dad cries at night! ALWAYS remaining at your side… Praying just for your eyes to open! Maybe even a word! I've gone through so many sleepless nights… Just crying for you to say something. Please Mom say something… SOMETHING! Please…. Anything. Just don't leave me yet! PLEASE. My birthday isn't even a month away! Remember what you always said? "Kelly, you're going to be the prettiest girl. We'll spend the day together and at night, you'll get the greatest party!" I wasn't even looking forward to the party! Just the day together. If only it was me not you. Mom… I love you. You have done SO much for me… yet… I was never able to say thanks for any of it. Please Mom… don't fade away yet. If I had never asked you to take me to the movies…we would still have each other! Just don't leave me yet! You will miss so many things of my future life! My sweet sixteen, my prom, my graduation, my marriage! You can't miss those! But Mom… please… just don't go yet. You are my best friend Mom… I love you.