"Preps are so stupid.

They are such frauds.

They act like know-it-alls,

When they know nothing.

They always wonder,

Why goths hate them.

I tell you now from experience.

We hate preps because of their grossness,

Their four inches of make-up,

How they talk,

How they act,

And most of all,

How they're stuck-up whores!" I said in a nice clear voice.

"Umm… Very…interesting poem Kimiko." my English teacher, Mrs. Peggy, said.

HA! It's better than interesting, but whatever. God I just love seeing those preps roll their eyes and give me their "say what you want, I don't care anyways" looks. You see they do care, and their four inches of make-up will never hide the truth.

"All right Kimiko, sit down. Next, Casey will read her poem." said Mrs.Peggy.

"My poem's called I Love Ya, Brat. Oh how I love seeing…" started Casey, but she was interrupted when the door opened.

A/N: Hey! ok here's something I'm going to tell you guys now so nobody tries to kill me. The way the story begins isn't how I think at all ok? I had to put it to make a good begining. Now that I cleared that up I hope you like this story, it should get better along the way. At less I hope so and yes I know I have bad grammer.