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When I ran past the gate that you use to get into the festival I ran into someone. When I looked up it was Jeff.

"KIMIKO! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Where's that fucking fag? I'm gonna kill him for hurting you! NOBODY hurts my girl and lives to tell the tale." Jeff said walking towards the festival.

"Can you just bring me home?" I asked wiping the tears away from my face. (A/N: Yeah… Apparently she's crying. Forgot to tell you. Sorry. 74 words.)

"Sure Kimiko." Jeff said hugging me tightly.

Lei's POV

NO! Kimiko, you're supposed to leave this festival with me NOT Jeff!

"Lei? Aren't you gonna tell me that you love me?" Madeline asked putting her hands under me shirt.

"No." I said simply, getting her hands away from me.

"Fine, not here. My house, then. My parents are home, but they never care whenever I have a guy in my room as long as we don't break anything and as long as we don't wake them up."

"Get away from me! I HATE YOU!"

"What? NO! You hate me, not love me… I mean you love me, not hate me!"

By the time that Madeline had screamed that I was already gone to look for my beloved Kimiko.

Oh Kimiko… Please be careful around Jeff… (A/N: It's so ironic how Jeff thinks Lei will do something and Lei thinks Jeff will do something... Haha. 209 words.)

Kimiko's POV

"Do you need anything?" Jeff asked me when we reached my room.

"No… I just need to be alone for now."

After Jeff left reality struck me hard…

Holy crap! I… I… I like LEI! I like Lei and I told him that I do too. I like Lei and he knows! (Holy crap! I… I… I typed all the way to the end. I don't have anymore written out! I have nothing else written out and I'm STUCK! I'm thinking from my very small brain now so if it sucks it's not my fault. 263 words.) What the hell have I done? I can't like someone right now. Any time but now.

What's Jeff gonna think if Lei told him what I said? What's Lei gonna think if he found out that Jeff proposed to me? What am I gonna do whenever I have to choose between Lei and Jeff?

I love them both… but Jeff only as a brother. What about Lei? Do I love him as someone that I can see a future with?

I don't know anything anymore. Where is my life going? One day everything's great then the next I meet Lei, Jeff comes back, I get bitten by a dog, and everything changes. My life was perfectly fine before. Now… now I can't get two guys out of my mind? IT'S NOT RIGHT!

To much is happening right now. I need to get my life back in order. If people see that I'm becoming weak and that I have weaknesses now they will question me. They won't fear me anymore. Marcus was a bad opponent, but sooner or later someone else will come and I'll lose. I need to start my trainings over again. Practice not to show pain. I need to not feel pain. I need to stop liking Lei and Jeff. Most of all I need to find out what the fuck id wrong with Lily these days.

Why haven't she talked to me for so long? I haven't done anything wrong to her. The last time that I even talked to her was… when I saved her from Fang. Something's not right. Why would she hate me just because I saved her from being killed by Fang? (A/N: See usually I'd end the chapter here, but I must beat the "record". 542 words.)

Lily's House

Wow, I haven't come to Lily's house for so long… It brings back so many memories.


"But mommy… I don't wanna have a new friend." a five year old me complained.

"I never said that you had to be friends with the little girl. I just told you that these people have a daughter your age." my mother replied sweetly.

"If I'm not here for a new friend let's go home."

"No!" We're going to be good neighbors to these people. They just moved in and don't know anyone. Now knock on the door or I will." I crossed my chubby little arms across my chest and turned around and I heard my mom knock on the door.

"Hi is your mom home?" my mom asked.

"MOMMY!! SOMEONE'S HERE FOR YOU!" a very squeaky voice screeched.

"Kimiko show this little girl around the neighborhood." My mom ordered me and then asked this woman with short blond hair, "That's alright right?" The woman nodded and off Lily and I went.

"Hi! I'm Lily." Lily said loudly.

"Kimiko." I said not even paying attention to Lily.

As we walked on we passed some ten year olds and they knocked Lily over.

I stopped and turned around. "Hey, it's called saying I'm sorry."

The four guys turned around and one of them said, "What did you say?"

"Oh, so not only don't you know how to be polite you can't hear either." I said a bit louder.

The guy bent over, picked up a rock and said, "You better leave or else I'm gonna throw this rock at you and believe me, I never miss."

I stood my ground and waited for something to happen. Lily stayed in the back and I heard her whisper, "Let's just go Kimiko." The guy threw the rock and it missed me by a foot and then I picked up the rock and threw it back at him. It hit him in the face and he started crying.

"Phil! Are you alright?" one of the guys asked.

"Let's get outa here. That's the devil's child! No one knows how to hurt me and I never miss. Stay away from me devil girl." And with that they all ran away.

"Thanks Kimiko." Lily said.

"Those guys are just big wimps." I replied and that's how a friendship started.


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