I am a German soldier. Sieg Heil. A Nazi. I am imprisoned for crimes against the fatherland, though I do not know what I have done that is wrong. It does not matter what I have done, only where I am at the moment. My guard is very mean. He has a hard face and a heart that does not beat. There was a girl imprisoned with me. While she was here, the guard told me that I had his permission to take advantage of her. He told me that this was a very good thing because she was beautiful and could not protest. He said that he would do it, except he was a Nazi, so he couldn't. I politely declined to take advantage of her, it was not right.

One day the girl tried to escape, she didn't make it very far. They took her away and I haven't seen her since.

I have been a civil sinner and so I have been granted some leave. I go to see my girlfriend. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, she is beautiful. She works at her family business, a store on Ferdinand Street. I go in; I have a bag of donuts that I bought as a present earlier in the day. I give her a donut, she smiles. I offer one to her father, because I have a lot of them and I don't think that my guard will let me have any. Her father thanks me; there are white powdery crumbs on his beard. I excuse myself for a moment. My girlfriend tells me to come back soon, she laughs. I close the door and ask my guard if I can have any donuts. He tells me that I am allowed two of them. I turn around, or I would have, except he grabs me firmly by the arm. The mean man grins at me with tobacco teeth, there is a big gap between two of them. He made a motion with his hand and a squad of soldiers run in the store and start shouting. I can see it happening through the big glass windows. My girlfriend's brother steps into the room from the back. He is shot in the head. Her father ducks behind the counter, he is not shot. My girlfriend pulls an MP40 from under the register and guns down a young private.

Did I give her that gun? It looks like mine, and it is definitely an army issue. I don't know, but I don't think so. When they put me in prison, they took everything except my clothes. I wonder where she got the gun.

A soldier shoots her in the chest, a few inches to the right of her heart. Maybe it hit her heart. I don't know, she had a pretty big heart. She falls down and red stuff goes everywhere. It pumps out of the hole in her body in bursts. There is a spreading puddle beneath her. She mouths something that no one hears. She dies. They take her father away. I think he is crying. I feel like crying too.