At work one day, I walk outside. There are many trucks going down the road. They all have dangling things hanging in their beds. I do not know what they are. I have never seen anything that looks like them before. I see my girlfriend working at a help station. She is handing out beer to the workers. I thought that she was dead, but maybe now I don't. She hands me a white porcelain cup, she does not seem to know me. I am about to ask her where she went, but a school bus stops across the street. A group of children get out and line up to have their pictures taken. The golden haired boy is with them. I feel proud for him. A woman walks among them and gives each of them a piece of candy. She stands back and the photographer gets ready to take their picture. Only I realize that he is holding a machine gun and not a camera. I notice that there are a lot of photographers, and none of them have cameras. Some of the children are crying. They must not want their picture taken. I don't want their picture taken either. I yell at the photographers that they have the wrong things, but they don't seem to hear me. They shoot all the children.


They walk through the small bodies to make sure that they aimed okay.

I see my guard with them, he is laughing at me. He holds a biscuit out to me. I realize that I am hungry, so I walk over to him. I go to take it from him, but he stuffs it in his mouth. He laughs as the crumbs fall out. His boot is crushing a small hand. I don't think that the child cares anymore though. My guard isn't really a bad guy, if he had just given me the biscuit, I guess I would have forgiven him. I'm a respectable citizen now though, so I don't have to listen to him anymore.

Sieg Heil.