Alright. I have redone chapter 1, again. I wasn't happy with the way it was written. The ages have been changed and they are not at a gradutation.

Avery had stopped dancing by now, giving up that paticular ploy. She watched all the band members play, this was the current school band, and they excelled in playing music by old 80's metal warhorses but couldn't do much else at the time. The rough music was making her foot tap and head nod. Her friends were laughing about something but she didn't pay that much attention. This was the wonderful last dance of the year. But she could honestly care less, watching Riley on the guitar, Ty on the drums, Diego on bass, and lastly Lance on 2nd guitar and vocals.

When they finished their last song, one they wrote, Lance's eye's flicked over the small audience, his eyes landed on Avery, The brilliant blue locking with Avery's grey blue eyes. She blushed lightly as he tipped his chin up a bit in acknowledgement. A small smile on her face she looked away from the guitarist, his eyes returned to the more important audience.

"They're pretty good huh?" Drew asked humor still in her voice.

"Yah, yah they're okay. The singing was sharp for about half the song, then it was flat but yah they're okay." Avery wasn't completely paying attention, her voice sounded slightly dreamy; she was still dazed from when Lance looked at her.

"Critical much." Was the well critical response Avery got to her critism got from her friend.

"Well that was…" The principle, Mr. Deere hesitated; Lance looked incredibly annoyed as he was very proud of the band, Ty merely snorted finding it funny. Stepping over to the principle Ty whispered the bands name.

"That was Noise Pollution, our own band, give them a hand." His face was structured in a completely fake smile, you could see how he wanted to get these people off his stage.

"Don't sound to happy about this does he?" Veronica whispered to Avery, laughing.

"No he doesn't, I don't really think he appreciates metal like us." Both were still giggling. This was a conversation they had regularly. No one seemed to understand their love of trashing guitars, heavy drums, powerful basses and screaming like they did.

"'course not. He's an adult." Veronica whispered matter-of-factly.

"Now we will have two of our top students give a speech. Will Jamie and Daniel please come up here." Mr. Deere let his voice ring out in the silent audience.

"Oh, lucky us…." Simply from the tone of the girls voice you could tell it was .

"Give them a bit of a break" Ivory's voice held the same sort of boredom.

"…they're the super smart ones it's gonna be boring." Drew's voice held a bit of bitterness.

"She has a point Ivory." Ace shrugged. Ace was Veronica's current boyfriend, and Avery's twin brother.

"Hey! You're all teaming up against me!" Her voice was accusing.

"Maybe…" Ace flirted slightly; he couldn't help it, as he slipped his arm around Veronica's waist.

"That's not nice…" Her voice was soft.

"Ahem, I would like to say that my 8th grade year has been my best yet, I loved the teachers and my fellow students…"

"Blah, Blah blah blah…" Drew babbled during the speech. Ace was whispering in Veronica's ear, what ever it was it made Veronica blush and giggle a bit. Ivory also grew a dazed dreamy state as the speaker droned on and on and on… Avery had noticed that Lance, Ty, Diego, and Riley had moved off the stage and now were standing only a few feet away from them. She couldn't make out what they were saying over the loud drone of the speakers. Occasionally they would look in her general direction, of course that caused a permanent pink blush. Eventually they stopped looking at her and the blush's faded. She watched as Lance's girlfriend and her little posse joined them. Standing practically right up against him she looked like a slut in her little leather skirt and tight black top. Avery snorted and looked away.


"Yah Ace?" She could recognize her own brother's voice anywhere.

"What's wrong?" Ace's voice was concerned.

"…Nothing much." She brushed off her anger at Lance's girlfriend. If you couldn't already tell she had a major crush on the guitarist.

"I'm telling you Lance isn't worth it." Her brother had guessed right. He seemed to be able to that, and it freaked the17 year oldout.

"You don't think anyone is good enough for me." Avery had stated the facts.

"At least not at this school." Ace looked over at the stage when he noticed the principle had started talking about something or another.

"Avery, Veronica he just called all choir members up, now." Ace looked at his sister and her best friend. Both ment a lot to him.

The two girls fought through the crowd up to the stage. Climbing up the stairs on the side she stood in a line next to a girl named Rose. The director moved infront of the choir. She raised her arms, and started directing the acappella version of Star - Spangled Banner. Smiling Avery sung her lungs out. This was her last concert with her choir, she was quitting choir in her senior year. The song ended to quickly for her tastes but bowed like she was told then trotted off stage like the rest of the choir. She then followed the crowd out of the school.

On her way out she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned to face who-ever it was. She was surprised to see Ty.

"Umm…Hey. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to get together some time this summer…" He stuttered slightly. Did I mention that Avery liked Ty too?

"That would be fun. Uh, here's my phone number" She scribbled in her messy scrawl on a piece of scrap paper her phone number, muttering the numbers as they were written down. "Here!"

"Uh, I'll make sure to give you a call this summer, maybe a movie or something." His voice evened out a bit. Avery smiled up at him, standing on her tip-toes she quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek before saying a hurried goodbye and darting to her car. When she slipped in the backseat she had the biggest smile on her face. Veronica, who was helping set up the 'biggestschool year is finally over party known to man', and Ace were already in the car.

"Did you kiss him?" Veronica wasoverly excited. Then again she had been attempting to get her friend to get a boyfriend forever. "Are you secretly dating the guy?" That caught Ace's attention.

"No, no… he asked for my number and for a date. I told him yes." Avery explained the story.

"That was Ty right?" Her mother revealed her presence in the car.

"Uh, Yah that was Ty, he play's bass for Noise Pollution." She became quite shy and withdrawn about the where the conversation was going.

"Ah, He's pretty cute."

"MOM!" Avery half dove into the front seat to attempt to silence the laughing adult, even if she had been silenced the laughter wouldn't end as Ronica and Ace had joined in by then. Avery sulked in her seat while the laughter seemed to grow.