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Drew stared at the phone, the slightest regret building in her. The last call was one that changed her life for an indefinite amount of time. The girl had other dreams ones that meant more to her then some high school wish. But that didn't stop some of the tears from sliding down her golden face. Her desicsion was made when she started to attend college. She found a career she truly loved.

Avery stared in shock, amazement and wonder at the wall. Drew's words echoing in her mind slowly, each word drawn out and morphed by her mind. She didn't know what to make of it. Her initial thought was to argue, but she choose not to, she choose to listen and wish her farewell. Avery slid down the wall she was leaning against, sitting on the tile floor. She wasn't hurt, angry or frustrated, just lost and slightly confused. She clearly remembered Drew's words.

"Avery I hate to say this but I can't continue with Pretty Metal, I have other dreams one's I found in college. I have to quit the band."

Avery grabbed the phone beside her and dialed a number well know to her.

Veronica sat on the purple toned chair, Ella sitting in her lap, reading a thick book. The phone started to ring beside her. Ella started chanting about the phone. Veronica snatched the device in her long fingers swiftly greeting the person on the other end.

"Oh, hello Ave. I was expecting another call…sorry about that…important? What is it?...Oh no….What are we going to do? we can't stop, we need to replace her…yes replace her….she was the one who quit in the first place…I think I could find someone…yah look anyway…alright cya girl…bye." The phone call was short and to the point. Quickly getting the message across from one end to the other. Veronica petted her daughters brunette head gently, contemplating the events of the day and the phone call. Avery mentioned she would get the news out to everyone. Ella patted the book with a pudgy hand telling her mother, in rough English, to keep reading to her. Veronica gave her a warm smile and continued to read the thick book to her young daughter.

"Ronni I'm home!" She heard Ace's voice echo from the entry of the apartment.

"I'm in the bedroom" She called back quickly, returning to the reading, the door opened a few minutes later. Ace stumbled into the room and collapsed on the bed, grabbing Veronica's hand while he fell.

"Ronni…come here…" He moaned quietly. Seeming to forget his daughter.

"Ace…I'm reading to Ella right now. Later." She told him gently. He smiled and turned to Ella.

"Elli dear will you please go play with your sister, I bet she's really lonely in her room all alone without her sister." Ace guilt tripped his daughter.

"Yes daddy…thank you mommy for reading to me." And the small girl jumped off the chair and scampered out. The moment the door closed Ace pulled Veronica into his arms.

"Ace…I was reading to her." Veronica complained the slightest.

"Mmm…I don't care…" Ace whispered into her neck, he started kissing her slightly.

Lance sat at his computer, messing with the other recordings of the songs he had, his hands messing with the keys and mouse. The phone vibrated in his pocket. It startled him and made him jump. Quickly pulling the cell out of his pocket he answered.

"Hello." His response was quick. "Oh, hi Ave…fine I won't call you Ave…wait she what…quit…but…ah…well…I know any drummers? Only Ty…no I don't have his current number…Riley might….heh….no I don't have his either…oh shut it you…fun…yah…well…hey wanna go out…yes to dinner…yes on a date…yes change of topic…Friday night…busy? Saturday…alright…bye." The call was also quick, his mind was debating whether celebration was in store or if he needed to be in despair. He chose celebration because it simply sounded like it would be more fun.

He walked tediously over to his fridge and retrieved a beer from the deep Netherlands of the cooling device. Twisting the cap off; he returned to his computer, a new joy in clipping and editing the rough recordings.

Then it fully hit him when he was messing with the drummer's line. This drummer has quit. That she needs to be fully replaced with someone just as competent.