and people say you're vulgar

And people say you're vulgar

But you tell them that's bullshit

And they say you are a liar

But you say 'not all the time'

And I say you turn me on

But you say you're not a light switch

Though you wouldn't mind

Being one for tonight….

I tell you that you're crude

And you take it in bitterly

You tell me my bulb is broken

And that when you're on

I am still turned off

I tell you that you're sensitive

And you refuse to prove me right

But give me the cold shoulder anyway

And when you finally speak to me again

You tell me that you don't love me

And I say, 'when did you ever?'

But you just frown and leave

And I finally realize

That I just made the biggest

Mistake of my life

And maybe I should learn

To just keep my mouth shut.