Hi I'm pleiadian princess. This is a free informal essay about cosplaying, what it means to me, and the journey as a cosplayer. Please review

What cosplay means to me

I've been cosplaying for a year now with only 5 cosplays finished. Sure I'm still a newbie.What is cosplay?It's an art of dressing up as your favorite character from TV,anime,movies,video games,original,comics and other media. Cosplay is known as a geek's/nerd's hobby. Most people cosplay at conventions. Sadly I'm not allowed to go to a con. American cosplayers have bad reputations as having a terrible costume and/or being overly obese. I'm not one of them.Starting with my cosplays and each and everyone of them has a flaw of some sort. Either the fabric cut jagged or a tear in a jacket or uneven seams. With every new cosplay you get all excited and you work your very hardest. Cosplay is a skill it takes more than forty hours less or longer. It's a thing that I'm addicted to. With every new cosplay your skill grow. I remember my very first cosplay it took me a long time because I didn't touched a sewing needle in a while. Sailor Mars had lots of detail. Right after I finished sailor mars, I began summoner Yuna. I found her original art work online. Original Yuna had really long beautiful hair. So on impulse I began to sew and work hard. You might say ugh not another summoner Yuna we have so many of those the good ones, the oh my gods stab out my eyes ones,the mediocre ones,the Yuna look a likes, or the that look so terrible it's like who are you cosplaying again. Yuna came out well. I was proud of myself. It took a lot of paint for the obi and the pleated skirt. I pleated a skirt for sailor mars. It's frustrating to pleat a skirt. You need 3X as much fabric as your waist. After you finsh iron it. I don't really mind the ironing part. I looked at many reference pictures to get the idea; every angle and close up picks. At Halloween I dressed as Yuna to a kids party. I sure got a lot of looks. Another thing I enjoy about cosplay is that no one can guss who you are dressed up as. Looking unique, is another thing about cosplay that I completely enjoy. I started some generic elf hunter. It looked so-so. The costume was only a forest green tank top with a mini skirt and knee high med brown boots. The elf hunter was generic. The next one I did was Asuka's red silk dress. That was hell to work with. The dress came out nice and I loved it and it's in my favorite color too red. My latest project of this year is Aeris from Final Fantasy 7. I really like Aeris and hey my hair is long enough for Aeris's braid. Being 5'3'' I was the same height as Aeris. I know height and weight are foolish when it comes to cosplay. In the eyes of a perfectionist cosplay I don't think so. Broad cloth I used for most of my cosplays is a bad idea. Sure it's only $1.85 a yard ,but the material is too fine. Aeris's dress came out great even though I used half assed broad cloth. For for jacket which was a major pain, I bought a cheep jacket at goodwill. I bleached it and dyed it red. After it was washed some of the back was coming apart. I had chemistry this year in school and I always swim in a swimming pool full of chlorine. Guss what genius Cl breaks thins out swimming suits. When cosplaying please think clearly and use the greatest tool you have your brain!!! This summer I'll be starting Sakura from Naruto. 100 I'm not using broad cloth. I'll buy the $3.00 a yard cotton blend. It's a possibility that broad cloth will be used for Sakura's head protector. I think making one will be better than buying a $25.00 one online. Everyday my list of cosplays keeps growing and growing. I hope I finsh them all and get all good pictures taken. Next year I'll write another essay about the cosplaying adventures.

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