Dauntless to the point of being dazzling was Daisy as she lay dying

Why were some so quick to misuse and abuse the velvet petal softness that spoke of her?

To be as an aid in determining whether another's love was in vain or to give them to flying

For it was in the "he loves me not, he loves me," that so belaboring the words so oft inferred

Ambiguously the plucking of the velvet petal softness

Why you askā€¦ and answer reply, because those without truly knowing agape love

Who are anxiously troubled and give themselves over to ambivaleness

Never coming to terms, with uncertainty looming high not realizing in the midst the turtledove

Iterate it NEVER again moans Daisy as death surrounds her on every side

Please can you not simply trust in love, to know deep within

Allow me my beauty to sway in breezes while in a meadow I reside or perhaps on lofty hillside

I am beseeching you to know this good and doing it, not committing against me wrongful sin

Subliminal, that area of thot just below the threshold of the conscious

May perhaps more so be the situation when a bouquet with this velvet petal softness is chosen

Recognize the situation, adding no more to the grief, to the burden as did the tax collector Zacchaeus

Take only of the beauty of the Daisy and relish in its gentle quality but to tear asunder places a taxing burden

Yielding now as call of on yonder shore beckons

The Daisy with velvet petal softness lays down to quiet rest

Giving to me thot of passage from Chapter 14 and Verse 27 of St. John's

And now, before the petals fall, cherish her, caress her to your brow in tenderness, giving onto her that desired Heavenly Blest