Master of your own demise

forsooth the eye that sought me naught

sad and forlorn of lust

i trail my hopes within this dust

these bloody footprints a child's path

broken of sorrow and trapped within shame

left to crawl amongst the doomed

struggle brought forth

battle the disease that feasts upon your soul

bare your eyes blind with trust

scream, shout, rage against yourself

for you have no one to blame

this hate is of your own making

you feel what you yourself have lost

grasping at your mind's edge

yielding to despair

these tears are dry before they bare the eye

shedding dead hope, broken promises

like that of a baby's smile

raped of all will

your vacant face a numbing value

your pain falls prey to the despair of your mind

soul broken, wings torn

heart ripped out, shorn

whispers dance upon your skin, leaping forth

tongue gone left with haste

broken doll, you have no strings

master of your own demise

you tremble now amidst the lies