Killing me with lullabies,

My mistakes reflect in your eyes,

Love, lust, hate, trust,

You never believed a word I said.

You never trusted me when I said I loved you,

You never believed in me,

All this I knew,

But I still had faith in all that we were,

Everything happened so fast,

I've become so numb; my life's become a blur.

So now I come to you, seeking security,

I need you to be with me, protect me…

I hope you can see,

Exactly what you mean to me.

Strumming my heart with your fingertips,

Squeezing my brain with thoughts of you,

I can still remember the feel of your arms around my hips,

The skin where they once were burns me,

Nothing you ever said was true.

Baby I love you,

Well that was a lie,

Baby I need you,

Don't try to deny,

Baby I trust you,

You never meant a word you said.