Flames of My Heart: Well here's chapter two of my story. I'm actually surprised I'm so into this story. Usually when I write stories I tend to get bored easily, even if I get tons of reviews. I hardly got any reviews for this story, but I'm still updating. Maybe I'm just really into the plot. Weird, ne?

I entered the temple, and closed the paper door behind me. Turning around, I smiled at the miko before me, as she looked up from her prayer. She returned the smile with a shy one. Her smile saddened me, because it reflected trust. She trusted me. If only she knew.

I sighed as I walked into the small room that the miko had provided for me. It had paper walls and door, a small futon in the corner, and a large mahogany dresser. It was practically bare, but I did not mind. This was a mission. There was no room for luxuries.

My mission. I thought back to the girl that I had just seen. Yet again, I felt a wave of guilt wash over me. I pushed it back as I began to plan out my source of actions.

We were in Kyoto, a commercial city. There were rumors of rogue ninjas from Hoshi that had betrayed the village. Sensei had assigned me the job of gathering information and killing off these ninjas… using any means possible.

When we had first arrived in Kyoto, we had tried to find board in an inn, but they had all been full. So instead, we came to the temple and sensei made up one of his bullshit stories about how he was on his deathbed, and that he wanted me to be trained as a miko before he died.

At first, I stayed away from the other residents of the temple, but as time went, they began to feel like a second family to me. I feel so horrible for deceiving them.

"Leiko-chan? Are you decent?" I heard the perverted giggle of my sensei from behind the door.

"Hai…" I mumbled, hearing him sigh in disappointment. "What do you want, hentai-sensei?"

"I have come up with a plan for the mission," he resumed giggling. My eyes widened as I rushed to open the door for him. My sensei stood in front of me dressed in his usual training uniform, a big bruise on the left side of his forehead.

I invited him into the room, as his grin widened. "So what is your plan?"

"Do you know the art of the geisha?"

I remember the first day of training I ever had. Sensei had made me dress in a training outfit that was 3 sizes too small. The shirt ended above my belly-button and the pants were so tight that if I bent over they might have ripped. "Sensei, are you sure this is proper attire?" Back then I had been so naïve to Fudo-san's tatics.

"You're not always going to be prepared for fights. And that includes wearing non-restricting clothing. Now strap on your kunai pouch, and don't you dare mock my teaching abilities!" he shouted at me, tapping me on the head with a wooden stick. Bonk. Bonk. Bonk.

"Fine," I mumbled as I strapped the holster onto my right thigh. "Now what?"


"Don't mock me!" he grumbled, his attention focused on my chest. I coughed loudly, and he redirected his eyes, and then scowled at me. "You're going to be practicing aim and your evasive techniques."

"That's easy," I said confidently, puffing my chest out in pride. I immediately regretted the action, as my sensei's eyes bulged out and blood began to dribble from his nose.

I stood in the middle of an open field, my eyes blind folded by a piece of black cloth. "How is this supposed to help me?" I called out, groping around in the 'darkness' to find my teacher.

"Have you heard of the game Marco Polo?" I scoffed at his question.

"What do you take me for? An idiot? Of course I've heard of the game."

"Well think of this as a game of Marco Polo. Except there's no talking, you can't see, and the only way to catch me is by using weapons. And while this is all going on I'm going to try and attack you." I could tell he was smirking at his explanation, fully enjoying seeing my jaw hang open. I'm not even trained. How am I supposed to do something like that?

I could hear him laughing, and I clenched my fists in anger. "Fine… I'll play your game." I waited for some witty remark but none came. It was silent. I could hear nothing except the rustles of the wind brushing against the grass. Come to think of it, if you listened close enough you could almost hear the scratching of something moving around in the grass. The sound increased as the 'thing' came closer and closer to me.

It clicked in my head, it was my sensei. He's so fast… I'm going to die. And finally, I could hear the loud intakes and exhales of breath, so close than I'm sure if I stepped forward I would've bumped into him. But yet, he made no move to attack me. I knew that if I reached for my pouch he would notice and probably strike me. What could I do?

Impulsively, I threw my fist forward, hoping it would collide with his face. Instead, I felt an immense amount of pain on my head. I couldn't describe the pain, for I had never felt it before. But I could feel the blood dripping over my fingers. I tore of the blindfold with my working hand and stared at my fist. In between two knuckles was a long, thin needle.

"It's called a senbon," my sensei answered my unasked question. "Usually it's coated with poison. It's for precision." He reached over and grabbed my hand, and ripped the needle out. He did it so fast that I hardly had time to react to the pain. "You have a lot to learn." And for the first time since I met him, I agreed.

"NANI? A GEI-" I was cut off by a hand clamping over my mouth.

"I've heard from the local bar that they often visit brothels. You just have to dress up, pour some sake, and kill them. You can even do it the easy way; poison," he said, going into 'serious' mode.

"But that's no fun," I pouted. After my first lesson, I pressed myself to be the best and even though it had only been a year, I had vastly improved. And using poison was a coward's way out. "I'm no coward."

"What's fun have to do with cowardice? Baka."

I growled at him. "And where am I supposed to get the face make-up and kimono?"

"I have connections."

I'm scared. I thought, as we began to walk into town.

I walked down the narrow hall, holding a tray of sake. It turned out that I was too loud mouthed to pose as a geisha, and instead would be stuck looking like a cheap prostitute-like waitress.

The geisha of the brothel/restaurant dressed me in a pink and violet colored kimono, with red and white butterflies scattered across it. Under the kimono there was a pouch of kunais, and under the red obi was a small dagger.

They pinned my lavender colored hair up using senbon needles that were coated in a sold form of snake venom. My lips were painted a cherry red color, and my eyes were outlined with black coal and shadowed a lavender color. I suppose I was supposed to look beautiful, but I felt like a plastic doll wearing a heavy mask.

Entering the loud, bar-like room I scanned around looking for one of the rogue ninjas. Speaking into the microphone hidden in one of the tassels hanging from my hair, I said, "I see two of them sitting near the bar. Straw-hats."

I didn't wait for a conformation, as I continued doing my job. Setting down the tray in front of paying customers, I poured them some sake, and smiled in a flirty manner. The man's face was already red with sake, and he was saying incoherent things, that I didn't bother to interrupt. Nodding my head, I walked away smiling.

As I approached the two men, I could already see them leering at me. I was already used to perverted glances; after all I did live with Furo-san. But this was different, they seemed like ravenous beasts that were starved, and I was a slab of meat. "Are you gentleman comfortable?" I smiled as I leaned over the table so that that my face was inches away from one of theirs. I could already see sweat dripping down his forehead.

"Very," the other grinned at me. "How much?"

"How much for what?" I pulled back up and stared. Did this jerk actually want to buy me? I don't know whether I should feel disgusted or grateful that he thought I was beautiful. "For me? I'm not for sale."

"We can change that," the same man smirked at me. This game was getting a little old. I unpinned the needles from my hair, and I watched from the corner of my eyes as one of the men in front of me raised his hand to take a lock of my hair.

This is my chance. I thought. I had a full few of one of the rogue's vital points. And I knew that as soon as I attacked him, my sensei would take care of the other one… if he even posed a threat.

As I pulled my hand back, ready to strike, a kunai whizzed by, cutting a few strands of my hair, and pierced the man in his heart. He stared up at me with huge beady eyes, and before anyone could let out a scream, his face connected with the surface of a table.

His friend sat there gaping, and unfortunately for him, my recovery rate was faster. Before he could even blink I let my grip loose of the senbon and it connected with the side of his neck. He fell off the chair and sank to the floor, his eyes growing heavier, until he finally closed them.

"Smart thinking, whore," I heard a deep voice call behind me. How could I have not noticed him before? I turned to come face to face with a mask. It was a brown mask, shaped after a fox. It was a ninja mask. From the slits in the mask I could see two emerald eyes staring at me. They were deep, like unending pits and I wonder if he specialized in hypnotism or something.

Finally, I found my voice. "YOU STOLE MY KILL!" I shouted, my silver eyes flashing dangerously.

"What?" the man answered flabbergast.

Flames of My Heart: Well that's chapter two. Who's this mysterious guy that stole Leiko's kill? Will he be able to escape the angry 'whore's' wrath? Let's hope for his sake, he does!