I am

I am beautiful

My beauty

Lies in ways

That many people wouldn't consider beauty.

When I myself can see that I am

I really am

People say that I am beautiful.

I don't believe them

But right now

Beauty doesn't lie in looks,

But it lies in the heart.

It's coming to me now.

I tell my friends that they are beautiful

They tell me that I am

Because I am.

Beauty isn't physical

But mental and emotional.

My beauty lies in;










And friendship.

I'm calm

I am trustworthy

I am here to help lift spirits

I am beautiful with inspiration

I am friendly

I am easy to get along with

I am a person to cheer people up

I am beautiful with fun

I am a dreamer

I am imagination

I am a story teller

I am beautiful with dreams

I am unpredictable

I am sweet and innocent

Yet I am mysterious

I am beautiful with contradiction

I am a singer

I am an instrumentalist

I am a music creator

I am beautiful with music

I am down to earth

I am in love with nature

I am caring

I am beautiful with nature

I am smart

I am mature

I am no longer pretending

I am beautiful with intelligence

I am hard to figure out

I am intriguing

I am soft and calm

I am beautiful with mystery

I am different from most people

I am a fighter for what I belie in

I am surprising

I am beautiful with independence

I am a great listener

I am someone to go to for help

I am caring

I am beautiful with friendship

Now how are you beautiful?

I found my beauty

Now find yours

You don't have to think you're physically beautiful

But that you are mentally beautiful.

We are all beautiful

Confide in me

That you think that you are beautiful

And I will be happy

If you can't do it

I will be even happier

Because I am a great listener

I am a good searcher

I will help you

To find where your beauty lies