Inspired to Katherine, birthdays, and planners with open margins.

Images of Creation

black crows flying stucco against
blue skies, making pictures that
I am too close to see
golden fields of long dead corn hide
crop circles until spring grows it all
back again
builder's beige blinds cover clear-glass
windows and hide the cheery sun form
tired eyes
dark rooms hiding their secrets, are
safe in their silent soliloquy
until some unknowing soul turns on the lights
computers hum the tune to the longest
song in the world and it goes on and on -
and stops - when turned off for the day
smiles crushed under the
weight of social pressures and mass-formed into the
frowns worn by the mature world
growing up: lost innocence
making money: lost creativity
playing tag in a crowded street: priceless
cause sometimes you just need
to look up and see the art in crows
flying in formation and sometimes you
need to believe that aliens make the
crop circles and sometimes you just
have to wear a smile even as
the world tries to wipe it
permantly off your face
because sometimes you just need
to listen to the song of technology and
sometimes you need to sit in a dark
room and appreciate the silence and
sometimes you have to remember
that growing up doesn't mean that
you have to lose all sight of childhood