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Eve Ate It First

Jennifer quietly crept down the stairs of her house and into the kitchen. Almost there, she thought, almost there. It was almost three in the morning and Jen's stomach seemed to be rumbling in hunger for a good fix of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Her silent foot steps padded into the wood paneled kitchen as her face lit up in anticipation of the creamy sugar that was awaiting her. Anxiously, she pulled open her sleek freezer door only to be met with a bright light and frozen chicken. Where the hell's my damn ice cream, she screamed inside her head.

"Looking for this?" A low, drawling voice asked from behind her.

Jen jumped half a foot into the air with a tiny squeak to accompany it. "Michael! You god damn jerk!" She screamed at the man who was lounging against the counter in shadows. The darkness of the room hid his stormy grey eyes and tousled shaggy brown hair, along with a lean muscled body covered in black sweat pants and white beater.

A cocky smirk appeared on Michael's face as he lazily lifted an ice cream filled spoon to his mouth. "Mmm," he moaned.

Jen strode forward in attempts to retrieve her beloved snack, but Michael quickly lifted the ice cream above her head. "Not fair," she muttered. Michael stood at an average five foot eleven, while Jen barely touched five four.

"Not gonna happen," Michael teased. Suddenly, an idea sparked into Jen's mind, and a mischievous smile appeared on her full pink lips. "What?" Michael asked with a hint of nerves.

Before he could stop her, Jen began to tickle Michael in his sides. "No!" he screamed in short, panted breath, "Jen! Stop! This isn't cool!" A smile crossed Jen's lips as a helpless Michael fell to the ground; she was about to continue with her antics when she realized that the ice cream was slipping from his hand. In slow motion, both Michael and Jen watched their beloved treat drop to the ground, splattering on the entire kitchen floor in a resounding, final sound. Jen and Michael glanced at each other, both of their lips quirking, and before they knew it, their helpless laughter filled the entire kitchen.


It was around three in the morning when Matt heard choked laughter coming from his kitchen. He swiveled his head around in search for his best friend Michael, but found him to be absent from the mattress he hadpulled in the room for him to sleep on. Groaning, he sleepily walked one room over and into his sister Jen's room. She was gone too. The noise was still being made in the kitchen, and Matt rolled his eyes as he descended the stairs of his house. Sure enough, he found his sister and his best friend rolling around in laughter on the kitchen floor by a tub of spilled ice cream. Idiots, he sneered to himself, and then noiselessly crept back upstairs, leaving his best friend and sister clueless of his short appearance.