The Look

Most stories I read there's a boy,
and always a girl.
There's a character clash;
and are both blessed with a perfect sense of wit,
with perfectly crafted retorts,
and snappy replies.
And in my favorite stories
there's an ending,
usually the same,
with that same boy and girl
forgetting their taunts and jeers,
and ending up happily ever after.

But I've never had that.
That 'I-hate-how-much-I-love-you'
In my own story, I'm the girl.
And the boy,
well, he's like any other boy.
But for us,
are the only things being exchanged.
No sarcastic banter,
no smooth innuendos.
Our encounters consist of
who can hold eye contact longer
his smirks
my eye rolls.
A silent battle,
never verbal.
A game for shy girls,
or arrogant boys.

because we don't talk,
is it less valid?
Neither friends,
nor enemies,
just hanging
somewhere in between.
Will he recognize he has something to
Or will I realize
there's something he ought to

eh. sorry if you were expecting a realstory update. hopefully by the time spring hits I'll feel more inspired.