I woke up this morning-
Like the beginning of a rollercoaster,
Before you go up?
When the people get on?
That's when I really start.
Pretty much stable,
Kind of out of it,
Yet ready,
(And willing),
For the ride to start.

Then up the long ascent-
Getting ready for school:
Brushing teeth and hair,
Getting dressed,
Eating breakfast,
Getting ready to leave,
Walking to school;
They all lead up to the drop.

I go around a bend,
And up another ascent-
All of first hour.

Once first hour is done,
I keep climbing up-
Second and third hour,
I get antsy;
I want to feel the wind in my face.

Four A class is really going slow-
Just like the chain always seems to go slower
At the end of the first climb.

And then!
Isoar down,
Hair whipping out behind me,
Joy at finally being able to move,
Flying out of my seat…

And then comes stupid
Fifth and sixth hour humanities-
Just like the jolt
Of switching from down to up
Slams you into your knees.

Seventh hour study hall,
You coast along for the ride
And then goes up slightly,

Waiting for the ride home.
On the ride home you can talk,
And play-
No need to be behaved,
No need to be quite,
No need to sit still…
Coasts down at a much slighter angle…

Talking to friend,
Doing homework,
Going to dance,
And multiple things
Are all included ups and downs.

Going to bed,
Like the end of a rollercoaster,
Think you're done...
Until one last drop does you in.

You're glad to get off when you finally do,
And can't wait…
Can't wait to ride a different rollercoaster.