It's nights when you wake up, mouth

open in a silent scream, tears running down

your face, chest heaving with an unknown

sadness that ebbs quickly away, leaving

you lingering in confusion...

it's like a smile that doesn't reach your eyes.


It's like soul-searing, potent

black-melodied metal music, screaming

misery through your bones, sitting on

your chest and pressing, pressing down

until you gasp for breath. It pulses,

ripping through you with all the fury

and explosiveness of ocean breakers,

sending each vibrating swell right to

your fingertips and tearing every gritty

grain of sadness away, and you are drained,

battered, exactly the way you want to feel.


It's a drop of water, hurling itself into a

pool of water you'd mistaken for glass,

and ripples surfacing across something

you thought would be still forever.



A/N: Haven't been here for ages…so sorry to those who..might have been waiting for something. Okay haha fat hope. Well I don't know what this is. But I was inspired while listening to 'Broken' by Seether and Amy Lee.

The holidays are here! Yeahhhh.:)