Open up your ears and listen to my story
Let me tell it the way I must do
Even if you've heard sim'lar tales before me
Let me sing my song, please listen anew

Open up your arms and accept my story
Accept the things I had to do
Even if you thought I should'a done it diff'rently
Accept my song, accept me anew

Open up your heart and live my story
Feel the emotions that I went through
See the choices that were laid before me
Listen to my plight and feel anew

Open up your mind and understand my story
Think why I did what I had to do
Comprehend my motives and what makes me be me
Don't prejudge me, think anew.

Open up your eyes and see all the stories
It's not just me who you judged too soon
Look at all the people you condemned too quickly
Look at them all and see anew

Open up yourself to other possibilities
There are more than you ever knew
Now at last you are seeing clearly
Open up yourself and be anew.