This is the last poem of my mage series.There's black,white,and red mages right? I got many reviews for my poem on black mages. If you like this poem please read most of them. This is in first person. Is it's ok if I use i

White Mage

I'm a divine healer.

I have nothing ,but friends and no foes.

Pure as snow.

Good as a goddess.

My beauty is extraordinary.

Praying for miracles

Bring miracles upon the land.

My gentleness is unbelievable.

People say that I'm venerable.

My voice rings like a bell.

I'm from a noble family.

Weak I am ,but I can heal my party.

Thanks to my powers we still live.

I can only wield staffs

I can bring people back from oblivion.

Beloved medicine woman I am.

Well how to you like this? good or bad review.