makin me… rAzY

Vs 1

Is it normal to have butterflies when your around?

When you walk past I start blushing

Do you notice this?

Does my smile give me away?

I try to hide the craziness


My stomachs turning

My head is spinning

Everything's Fuzzy

You, You makin me Crazy

Upside down, right side up

I feel I'm goin in circles

You, You makin me Crazy

Vs 2

Why do I get nervous just talking to you?

I'm afraid my words will jumble

You just say hi

You seem so fuckin calm

I can't even think right

Vs 3

God Dammit! I just wish I could stop shakin

It's really no big deal?

Why don't I get that?

I'm prolly freakin you out

Why are you doing this to me?