Can you say goodbye to someone you hardly knew?

I didn't even get to say hello

Why is he gone? What did he feel?

Inside I'm scared…afraid to take a wrong step

I hold all of this inside…my tears are mine alone

No One would understand why I'm crying in the first place

How are you supposed to move on?

Are you supposed to forget the whole thing?

Remembering hurts too much

I wanna go back to normal

I don't remember normal…

How are we supposed to act?

I wanna move on…I wanna let go

Is that the right thing to do?

What would I want people to do for me?

Remembering is important yet there is a limit

Don't dwell in it I guess

I have no idea what I'm saying

I feel so lost but I know where I am

I'm missing part of me…something isn't right

I wish I could solve my own problems

This isn't working…I'm getting more confused

The emotions are getting tangled

I feel like I'm about to collapse