Unknown Pain 3-1-06

No one really knows how it feels… No one to understand me

Each day another battle scar is added

Hidden though

No one sees me

They see what they want to see

The outside image

I thought he was different

I thought he understood me

He left just like everyone else

Said he never really cared

Hurt me

The pain is left unsaid

No one to tell

How do I get happy?

Can't get past the hurt

No one to talk to

No one to trust

Every secret I tell gets spilled all over the floor

Out in the open for everyone to see

I deny them all

No one should know

Every secret held inside now

Trust no one

Bottled inside is the agony

A mask worn on the outside

They don't care anyway

Don't want to hear any questions

Why would I tell them?

They believe the smile

My life one big secret

A façade to all who see it

Cant be the real me

They wouldn't believe me

How do I show myself

No one would understand anyway

Forsaken and alone are my thoughts

No where to turn to

Unsure of people and what they think

They talk about me when I'm not there

They think I act weird

They have no idea what I'm going through

My own battles are raging inside

Unseen scars and war crys

But all of this is left inside

And the room is silent