Standing on the rooftop

Listening to the clouds cry

Softly wrapping myself in you

You violate me in the most sensual way

I knew you were still alive

I knew they were wrong

Your touch

Sending shivers up and down my bare spine

Your warmth and light

Brightening the darkest of my days

Your warmth warming my cold heart

Your kiss

I'd take my life for it

So passionate and sensual


The moonlight on a starless night

Being beside you

Am I in the most alluring part of hell?

I never want to leave

I want to be with you


I knew in my heart they were wrong

You are very much alive

I can feel your warmth

I can feel your breath upon my skin

Such a beautiful sin

The sun slowly rising

Time stops for a brief moment

You make my world come crashing down


You revive me

You give me the strength and the courage to live

You are a warrior for the Prince of Darkness

A demon of destruction

And I am your fallen angel

Never fade away