Tears won't stop falling from my eyes

And I don't know why.

I don't want to shed a single one

Because it shows something's gone undone.

Here I am crying

And my body is flying,

Things are going insane

And my life is becoming tame.

I'm handling things better

I really need to write this letter.

I need to write it

Before he has another fit

I don't know how to put it into words

Everything I try ends up as blurbs

I wish things would be really alright

Because I want to stop crying tonight.

The way things look as of right now

Most people would just say wow.

Things are going crazy,

My thoughts are going dizzy.

People say it's okay

I only wish that I wouldn't fray.

Because it's really nothing to fret about

Cause' God's got his thoughts in sprout.

He has a plan for me

That I can not seem to see.

I wonder why,

I fail every time I try/

O try and tray again

Only to fall into a new beginning

Or do I fall into a new ending?

Why can't I hear the word's he's sending?

He is whispering to me

His plans for me to see,

But for some reason

I begin to treason.

And I ignore

And I hear the words of gore.

Gore, such a mean thing

Look what at what it's done to this being!

I need a hug

And not from a lying bug

But from one who cares

And the one who dares,

To ask "Please tell me,

I want to see"

From the one who wants to understand

The one that wont leave me to stand,

Lost and alone

The one who wants me to be shown

The firth way to say

The words to that person

Before things worsen.

Was I meant to do this thing,

Because it means something to bring?

Did I do what I had to,

To benefit someone else's' flu?

Or have I not yet seen

What this is meant to mean?

Where will I find this meaning I'm searching for?

I hope I find it before

I stop standing at all

And before I fall.