The sun lies down to rest,
And I wish it were so easy.
Already burdened with worries,
The stars clutter my head.

Terrified not of the daytime monsters,
But of the new darkness's unknowns.
The foreign road makes me fearful,
Blindly running this untrodden path.

Once I sat upon that rock,
The one above all dangers.
Once I had befriended the sun,
But now I'm thrust into shadow.

My cries sound into the night,
Seeking desperately for an ally.
In my newly found world,
I wallow in my lost soul.

The clouds part slowly,
And my eyes catch the light.
The moon draws me out,
And I begin to awaken.

I have never been alone,
And I never truly shall be.
The land, sky, air, soul, and sea,
Ghosts of my old world still protect me.

I gain the strength I always had,
And I step onto the unbeaten path.
I am carried higher than ever before
By the wings of my own light.

This is a poem about being forced to go farther and farther away from the innocence and protection of childhood and finding the inner strength to continue down the new path and embrace it.Inspiration picture posted on my profile.Written in the time of about five minutes and not reread or revised before posting, so it's very rough and raw.