'In The Red'

They left you high and dry

They left you on your own

With nothing not even a home

A place to call your own

They robbed you blind

Now you find yourself

In this predicament

The cement seals your fate

While you're waiting by the gate

Your bank has turned its back on you

You're too far-gone to save

Now you're in the red

You're hanging by a thread

There's nothing left behind you

But an empty hole

Where your life used to occupy

All you've got left

Is the clothes on your back

And a direction to walk

On and on…

There's no sign of life anywhere

You place your faith

In that final little prayer

Though your life has turned to rubble

And though there's nothing but trouble

Down that solitary path you have chosen

Now you're in the red

You're hanging by a thread

There's a little piece of me

That's lying in the road

A piece you left behind

For the scavengers to feed

Though you're ravaged by the time

The time can not forget

What has been left to chance,

In this hopeless circumstance

And even though you're left to rot

You still got a lot

There's fire in the streets

And a void of disbelief

Grief has haunted you all these years

I know it's daunting

But you've got to face the truth

One of these days

You're in the red

And hanging by a thread