Chapter One.

Charlie Idonaire Thought He Had Bells In his ears. They Were Ringing So much that he couldn't hear his Friends Wild Screams of singing, mockery, and other post-concert chants as He Drove Them All Back Home In his old Pontiac. He couldn't hear much after that concert, But He Joined In with the four other teenagers in the back. When Life Sucked, Music was the only thing that even moderately cheered Charlie up, and lately, Life hit Rock Bottom.

"Chahhlliieee!!" Screamed a girl in the back with bright red hair That Looked like She'd Been Drinking too much Tonight. "Chahhlie! You Missed My House!!! Go back!"

Charlie Looked back, But Only For a moment. "Don't Be Ridiculous, Miranda. I know exactly where you live. I wasn't the one drinking, remember?" The Girl Laughed, but didn't say anything. Instead, she sang in a very high, shrill voice.

And This Was How It was Every Saturday; all Five of them filed into Charlie's Car to go To a Concert on the other side of town. At the End Of the Night, Four Drunks and Their Driver, Always Charlie, climbed Back Into that stinking car to drive back to the Small Apartment complex they all lived in- Billy in number 375, Sam in 480, Miranda in 220, Kate in 760, and Charlie in the top level at 990.

"Charlie, Let me Drive!" Yelled Kate, A blonde with a large a mount of eyeliner on. Charlie shook his head. "How many Drinks did you have, Kate?" She Smiled, A large Impish grin that she never would have given whilst sober. "Twelve exactly; I remembered."

"Well, I'd rather you be left out on the driving experience than screw my car up." He retorted jokingly.

"Let me Drive!" She said, leaning over to grab the wheel. Charlie swatted her away "Kate, You're Seventeen and you don't even have a driver's license. Stop! Kate! Stop! You're going to get us All killed!"

"You're crazy, Charlie, You really are. Can't you see I'm great at driving! We're even on the right side of the road!"

"Kate! Stop! We're not on the Right Side of the road! Kate, Stop! Stop!"

They Say that when You Drink and Drive, then Get yourself Hit By Ongoing traffic, You Usually kill someone else, leaving that on your conscience for the rest of your life. Its Just Fact. But when you're the only that isn't completely Drunk in the car, and you're the one that dies, that's just plain sad.