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Into the Void



The wind blew gently, playing with the curls of a familiar blue-green hair. A slender form stood before a gravestone that was engraved with the name of her long-dead lover. Sari came to the graveyard frequently to visit his grave. There wasn't a moment in life where she didn't think of all that they could have had together. 'It's been a year already since Ibuki's defeat, and still…I remember you. I regret never saying that I loved you back.'

Suddenly, a hand was sat on her shoulder that jarred the girl out of her thought. She glanced over her shoulder to see Valentino, dressed in a black tuxedo. After a year, nothing had changed about the former assassin she had come to know. He was still silent, still possessed that long, shaggy hair that was a trademark by now to him.

"Thank for letting me stay with you," Sari couldn't have been more grateful. She knew that Ionna and Vincent asked her as well, but she would have rather left the happy couple to their devices. Sari didn't want to be around them knowing that their relationship would remind her of all of the things she could have had with Hisamichi. It was selfish, but being with the two men was a much better decision on her behalf.

"I care about you. I wouldn't let you wander around alone," Valentino knew if he could help the girl then he would have. He and Rubio were past the lovey-dovey stage of their relationship. Since the two of them were used to it, he imagined she might prefer staying with them as to having two people around who were in a budding relationship kissing and cuddling in front of her all of the time.

"Have you heard from the others?" Sari was curious. It had been a while since she'd heard anything from them.

"Yaritza is back home. She's helping her parents and going on missions. It seems that she's back to normal. Zidane, Aeris and Bosnia set sail this weekend. Rubio and I are going to see them off." If she wanted to come with him, he would certainly let her. After all, he was sure that the three of them would like to see her before going months without doing so.

"Hopefully everyone will be there, too. If now, I'll punch 'em," the girl held up her fist in a threatening way.

"If they're busy, I would understand." Valentino knew that things weren't like they used to be. Everyone had settled into their own routines and they all had daily lives that were normal compared to back then.

The peace they wanted so badly had become a reality, and things had never felt better.

"Uh-uh," Sari crossed her arms over her black dress and shook her head.

"Why?" Valentino looked to her in question.

"Udo and Loreli's wedding. If they miss it, I'll hurt them." They promised that they were going to be there, and Sari was holding them to their word. They knew what would happen if they went against her word.

"Of course," Valentino smiled a little. Some things never change with time. Sari's explosive anger and quirkiness were two of those things.

"Hey, when are you and Rubio going to get married?" The two of them had been together for so long. Sari wondered why they hadn't done it sooner.

"I don't need to marry him to know I'll stay with him forever," Valentino was happy as things were. If Rubio ever wanted to be wed, then he would tell him.

"True…you're really loyal," Sari appreciated that about him.

"Besides, I'm not sure I can settle down yet. After all, Ibuki's establishments aren't completely destroyed. I'll be needed again one day, and when that day comes…I guess I'll just have to save the world again." Valentino knew that their vendettas were far from over. Now that he's been defeated, more people will come after him and it will be his job to crush them time and time again. Peace was temporary, but he would enjoy it while it lasted.

"You au that like it's such a bad thing." Sari didn't like his tone. It sounded more ominous than relived at what had happened.

"I'm not the heroic type," Valentino didn't believe in such ideals.

"Well then, let's just hope that day doesn't come. Call it a feeling, but I don't think they'll be bothering u anymore." She couldn't say for sure but she wanted to believe the worst was over.

"I hope you're right…If that is the case, then that wouldn't be bad at all." Valentino would pray that the peace could be everlasting. For now, he would bask in the glory of the world that he saved, and live life as a normal member of society. It was all that he had ever wanted in the first place, for both he and his friends.


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