I drank shots of your radioactive chameleon colored love

And exhaled in blissful delight

Savoring the strange new high


Abandoning everything else

Reaching for more

(You knew just how thirsty I would get)

Sipping more of your funny tasting love

Laughing at the feelings

At how drunk I was (I was such a lightweight)

Stumbling over myself (like a fool)

Then you ran out of love for me

Someone else deserved it

You offered some of his

But I wasn't that thirsty (I thought)

And I left.

I came crawling back (in shame)

Begging for a sip (for a taste)

Admitting how addicted I was (terrified)

Pleading for a drop

Generously you granted a last gulp

Now I'm trying to purge out your love

Vomiting violently on myself

Embarrassed of the smell I smell

Furious at the taste I taste


Knowing your love is still inside me

And I can't it vomit out