–This is what bureaucracy does:
Smothers us in wiles and whats
Casts us to sea while deceiving our helms
Trapping our perplexed souls in a Kakfa realm
–Runs its knotty fingers over what it's supposed to protect
Envies our opinions and mines their assets
From our desperate holds against immorality we render this institution intrusive
For what is well with a malady – conspiring and elusive?
–It shifts its eyes in funny ways
Props itself up in wayward stays
Gleams – then flickers – then smirks at us:
This is what bureaucracy does

–This is what bureaucrats do:
Campaign faux issues between me and you
They light malicious fires at our feet
Corrupting our motivation into dread and defeat
–We're assailed by brusque voices and faces gone ghastly grey
Insidious, convincing, conniving and swift – they bear their own dismay
Like an onus never relieved from their shoulders they share with us instead
Upholding what exists as reality, but half-divinely allotting it "jurisprudence"
–But what punctilious sub-beings, vampire creatures
Sniffing out lives with hunger and rue
Perhaps just a habit or tradition at best:
This is what bureaucrats do.