This is my second story, yah i know it's short. It's ment to be. I'll try to update more often though. Anyway please update. Oh All characters are copyrighted but if you want to use them in a story mention it in a review.

Dear Diary,May 15, 2006

I got this pretty little book when I was 12, but I wasn't that keen on writing. Now I see you as my savior. Here I can write all. I am a gang member, a female. I have grown up in this life. My mom was a police's daughter; my dad was a pretty lowly gang leader. My mom choose my dad over her family. Now they are married and live in LA. I live in NYC, that's where I was born. Great huh? I never met my dad, and the last time I saw my mom was when she handed my infant body to the gang leader who swore to raise me as his own. I don't know what possessed him to raise me. He never kept a promise before that. Then again he loved my mom too. Maybe I'm his kid, well I'll never know. Oh, umm write later. See ya.

Taylor Smith

Dear Diary,

Hey sorry, section leader came, had a job for me. Not death but just a minor robbery crime. Not that bad. I found out that we now work under the local mafia. Not that great, at least for me. What made them think that was a good idea! Mafia is a bad. Much more drugs and crimes. I guess there is less deaths though, that's good. Even though I grew up in a gang doesn't mean I like death, or can sleep the night after. I've never committed murder, I couldn't, I've lost people like that and I could never do that to someone else. People tell me I was born into the wrong life. But I like it. I like the pain, the RAGE and the lack of love. Yup, one of the seven deadly sins. Huh…I've committed that from age 10. Hmm. Anyway, I have another job. CYA.

Taylor Smith