I'm on the verge of snapping

The one thing that calms me most

Wont go loud enough to blare out my thoughts

Loud as can go

Before the speakers blow.

So what do I do now?

My other sources are falling,

One of them says that I'm full of crap

Another say's that I'm right

Yet another say's I'm wrong

My spiritual help I am told is wrong.

So what do I do?


Scream along

Play away

Turn it off and just let my brain explode,

From thinking thoughts I don't want to,

But those that I can not rid of.

Where do I turn?

Another source says that I do what I do for attention.


I don't want it!

It's the least that I could ever want,


I'd prefer to be left alone


To drown in sorrow.

At this moment

My brain has not exploded…yet

Thanks for what you've done for me so far

Once again you save me

For now