The Crow Reborn

Chapter 1: The Lying Love

It was late afternoon in a apartment a woman's soft voice singing to her child can be heard out the

windows. Happy birthday Eric the lady said with a smile after kissing the child's forehead softly.

As the child smiled in amazement to seeing a small cake with a design of a bird with two candles

on the side of its wings. Make a wish Eric she smiled still and waited a moment then blowing the

candles out but after blowing the candles out the door opened with five men storming in with guns

in their hands quickly reaching for the child but pulled back by a man she looked at him tears

streaming down her cheeks forced into the wall she cried out trying to break free from the mans

grip but stopped crying seeing the child picked up ''please don't hurt Eric he's only two years old

please don't hurt him" she cried out hitting the mans chest. ''Don't worry Raine their not here to hurt

Eric" a man walked into the apartment with a grin on his face, ''Jack!? What's going on here who are

these men?" Raine asked wiping her tears trying to break free from the mans grip again to rush to

her husband. ''oh just some friends here to do me and Eric a favor you see with you gone me and

Eric will take the insurance after your little cooking accident burning the place down you managed to

throw Eric out by the time i arrived you were burnt alive" the man said with a chuckle walking

towards Raine, ''Alex you know what to do" Jack said looking to the man. ''Yes sir" the man nodded

slamming Raine's head into the wall knocking her out cold. ''Hey Jay take Eric out to the van keep

him away from harm" Jack looked at Jay. ''Yes sir" the man nodded taking Eric outside of the house

to the van. ''Alex I don't think Jay is completely with us after this I want you to kill him" Jack looked

at Alex with a smile, ''as for the rest of you guys burn this place down and remember make it look

like a accident!" Jack looked at the men with guns before walking out the door. ''You heard him

boys! lets burn this place to the ground!" a man shouted, ''hey Corvis! just grab the chick and toss her

in any room and make sure she doesn't get up" Alex shouted to the man. After 20 minuets the house

was on fire with the men running out to the van. ''Yes fire department my house is on fire my wife

is in there still I cant get her out on West Elm Street house number 24 please hurry!" Jack cried

out talking into his cell phone. ''well boys now all we do is sit and watch the fireworks" Jack

laughed looking at the men in the van while picking up Eric.