More disturbing than anything…but it's something I wrote, so I have to fess up to it. I wrote it just to see if I could….what do you think?

Chocolate Ecstasy/Sweet Fantasy


Just to hold you,

Is almost enough for me,

But not quite.

I have to have all of you,

My sweet bundle of ecstasy,

As I bite into the hardness,

That is you,

I am flooded with euphoria,

Oh rapturous scent!

Mingle with my nose again,

Not to have you,

Would cause pain beyond all means,

Tasty little treat of heaven.

Your flavour,

Is indescribably exhilarating,

I long for this moment to last forever,

But alas!

As soon as I have started,

I am done,

The climactical last bite

Of my chocolate bar.