Meh….just a little "free writing" exercise we had to do in English. It's all right I guess. Not my best work, but I kind of like it…tell me what you think!

The Chase

"Run Paul!" A voice echoed down the dark, lonely avenue. Paul turned and saw his friend leaning out of a window. He pointed down the block and Paul whirled around. Two cloaked figures were walking menacingly towards him. One reached into his cloak and pulled out a long gun. Paul's heart started pounding and adrenaline raced through his veins. He turned on his heel and ran down the block, flinging himself into a shadowed corner, hoping for safety. The henchmen's footsteps pounded against the pavement, growing closer by the second.

"He's in the corner!" One gruff voice announced. Paul swore under his breath and dodged out of the corner, into full view. He covered his head against possible gunfire and searched for a new hideout as he ran.

Paul knew an abandoned building stood up ahead, tucked away off a side street. He ran even faster, though his heart was almost pounding out of his chest, and his breath was coming shorter. His lungs ached and his legs cramped and throbbed, but he took the corner on a tilt, and made it unseen into the building.

He slammed the door shut and looked around frantically. He needed a place to hide, quickly. He snuck a peek out the dirt-streaked window and saw the two menacing men still on his tail. The only way Paul could run was up; a stupid move and he knew it, but he had no other choice, so he dashed up the crumbling stairs to find only one unlocked room. It was completely bare, no good for hiding. He sprinted back into the hall and took the stairs to the top of the tall building.

He crouched low, behind an air vent and began praying to every god he could think of, even Zeus.

Unfortunately, his prayers went unanswered. Paul heard a clatter of feet and a door swing open. Both men were carrying guns now, cocked and ready to shoot. They spotted Paul easily and began to move slowly towards him. He rose on shaking legs and tried desperately to think of yet another escape plan.

He spotted another building nearby and thought if he had enough power, he could make a run at it, and jump onto the roof. He was willing to try anything at that point.

Paul took off in the direction of the other building, but didn't have enough force behind his steps; the next thing he knew, he was falling rapidly to the hard pavement below.

He hit hard and heard a ringing in his ears. He opened his eyes, wondering why he wasn't dead, and looked around. Then he chucked nervously to himself, turned off his shrill alarm clock and disentangled himself from his sweaty sheets.