The Princess of Night

Such a feeling arose on this rainy night

Whilst my head lay resting released from its plight

Like a thought in the wind, a whispered insight

Here found the meaning me, in no shadow no light

So softly the voice that echoed in the dark

So swiftly my thoughts took - journey embark

From cloud to cloud, one element's remark

So soft the voice that echoed in the dark


And unto this starry, twinkled estate

Was where I flew with underestimate

To what understanding, and to what fate

Was this angel of night taking me?

No preparations for what I found

Could be prepared, left me astound

And with silence being the only sound

What is now, and what is to be?

Oh Angel of Dark, with thine feathered wing

Dear Fairy of Night, with a tear in your wing

To what purpose will your understanding bring?

Is it for me, why will you not show me?

Be it Dark, or be it light,

Be it stark, or out of sight

Leave me lost without insight

As to what it is I'm here to see

The cold found shiver, my mind set free

With thoughts in a spiral, in front of me

With a twinkle of twist, and now I could see

But to what end, and at what fee?


But just as thoughts had made touch

Believing my pain was over as such

Falling, falling, seeking a crutch

The understanding seemed too much

And just as sudden, back in my cot

The Dark Princess had left me alone

With a twist in the plot, and my thoughts in a rot

Is this insanity, or the truth meant unknown

Inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe

who got my thinking back into place

© Raven Monarch 2006