Confusion, the chaotic state in which knowledge is known but mistaken.
Life's bitter enemy, the base of temptation and betrayal.

What's never been known can never be truly missed,
that which is easily remembered can never be truly lost.

Memory is the seductive temptress of Destiny,
what is amassed in her silver lake of time can always be reflected on.

Though memories are forever, their clarity fades through eternity,
as sands in an hourglass, they can be manipulated to our whims and desires.

Love is but a translucent emotion in a realistic society,
Lust is but the solid temptation of a dark reality.

How can such euphoria be the catalyst of such delirium?
Why doesn't it cease its nagging call on deafened ears?

Life was perfect and placid before you.
Now all there is are shattered memories of what reality used to be.

If life before you was perfect, reality is all but infallible.
You are the Delirium to my Sanity.

Yin and Yang are no longer the stark contrasts of black and white.
Now they're the infinite shade of grey in between.