A/N: Remember in my story 'Telrunya' (Chapter Four) I said that I couldn't write poetry. Well, let me rephrase that. I can't write good poetry. But I thought that I would upload this anyway. I might use it for 'Telrunya'. Not sure yet. Oh, and the reason that it's separated into 'Part One' and 'PartTwo', is because (for some reason) I switched format in the middle of writing this.All right then, enjoy!

Part One

Silent, foreboding

Majestic, serene

Powerful, subtle

These things have we been

Objects of mockery

Of tyrants and fools

Or worthy, just Kings

We've seen their Golden Rules

A symbol, a memory

A mystery, too

Only wise men and prophets

Our winding paths knew

Unchanging, unspeaking

Echoes of the past

Ancient sorrows lost

The tempest never lasts

Part Two

We began the endless journey

in the velvet of the night

Ever searching for the truth

Ever seeking hope and light

Evil clouded our vision

Undaunted we pressed on

Hallowed one returning

In blood crimson of the dawn

In cathedral of the forest

'Neath the waterfall cascade

Remember visions soul

As in memory we fade