Wuley was a born street bum,
And an unlucky one at that,
But of course he loved his gambling
And therefore lost his hat.

Wuley was a born street bum,
But he found his lucky day,
He tripped upon a small penny
And happily skipped away.

(With the penny, of course.)

Wuley found a cheap casino,
Gambling his penny at first,
So lucky was he on that fine day
That with the manager he conversed

About buying out the casino chain
That went across the USA,
But he was cruelly refused.
(Wuley had 10 bucks that day.)

So the ex-hobo gambled more and more
Gaining thousands by the hour,
And when the millions he had reached
He actually had a shower.

Does anyone find that strange?

Wuley founded a weird little company thing
Which he named "Hobo Trumps Incorporated."
Then everybody got mad at him when he didn't give money to anyone except hobos and one night when he was 13 (he founded Hobo Trumps Inc. at age 10 and kept it secret from his parents and the police and everyone because it was underground literally and the police didn't find out until he died) a mob of non-hobo people like bums and alchoholics went over to Hobo Trumps Inc. and burned his house down and jacked up his car and that was the end of that, so Wuley went back to being a street bum once again.

Wuley was a born street bum
Who won the Nobel Peace Prize.
No one knew why.

So they asked him to deliver a speech
To explain to everyone why he'd gotten the prize and not them.

Wuley planned it carefully,
And hoped not to upset the public,
But forgot everything he planned onstage
And then decided to wing it.

Uhhh......... "I don't have a dream"

So everyone got mad at him and chased him outside
Where, when running from them, he tripped on a pothole and died.