-When the bombs dropped we all stood in awe-
-Our pupils dilated with the sinking squall-
-Our spines tingled from the spectacle-
Freedom labeled O-I-L

May devil tongues trick and roll;
Swat at flies with half the hands
Checkmate gambits and cowboy conceptions
Utilized without knowing better
Exported as if a commodity
Imposed at will as a natural right
Freedom labeled O-I-L
Just knocked at your front door

May devil plots implement and prolong
While adapting to altering excuses and feigns
Spreading across the globe their cause
On treads crushing empty casings
Years will hold them in contempt
Days will demoralize the populace
Freedom labeled O-I-L
Just shook hands with eternal strife

May devil facts enlighten themselves
Elucidate the screaming souls
Shrapnel-coated life routines
Still pursued by faux legitimacy
When the specters are through with their rapping
And the thoroughfares are riddled with IEDs
Freedom labeled O-I-L
Just sealed the phenomenal flop