Slipping away

Life is full of so many choices

And it is up to us to listen to the correct voices

I'm falling into my old ways,

I can't seem to find my way out of my maze.

I'm not sure if I should ask for a helping hand

Or to stand alone the way I've planned.

The one human that I can trust the with all my heart

Needs a little time to get away, so we part

I don't talk to them about being lost

Because I'm afraid that they will collapse from exhaust

So now I'm here on my own

Hiding away all the things never shown

I'm slipping away

Trying to keep my words at bay



I'm starting to bend

And I need to break this trend.

The trend of hiding in the shade,

With me hiding I'm surprised anyone stayed.

I must pick myself out of this hole

And try to fix my broken soul.

On my own

I attempt to fix me with out a grown.

I get ripped down on in my fight

And I stay up at night

Debating to ask for that hand

Or just accept the way I am, and understand.