the hottest thing

your long dyed hair--

i drool.

I don't know why

your makeup

makes me


in dresses, corsets, vibrant wigs

bare flat chests and saucy grins

turning culture upside down


Japanese guys do it best

white guys just cannot compare

the beauty makes me drop my jaw

and wonder when i'll find one

(of my own)

my boyfriend's jealous—

who can blame?

posters crowd around my bed--

gazing dreamily at pretty guys

I've never seen anyone pull off

beauty in such a badass way

you're prettier than any chick

I have ever seen

guys'll do you

even if they

find out that you're not a girl--

you're just too tempting to

ever resist

my heart aflutter

no clue why

I know I'm straight,

but girly guys…

I'll take one over macho any day.